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Schedule an Appointment

Please visit our Nonimmigrant Visa Appointment Web Site to schedule an appointment.  Visa applicants must schedule an appointment online; we cannot schedule appointments by phone or accept walk-in appointments. Please schedule one appointment per applicant, including children.  Children under 14 do not have to be present for their interview, but at least one parent must be present for the interview.  We will cancel duplicate appointments. 

How to use the Nonimmigrant Visa Appointment System

  1. Complete and print the confirmation page from the visa application form.
  2. Click on the "Schedule Appointment" link and select an available date and time for an appointment.
  3. Enter the 10-digit barcode number and keep this number for your records from visa application confirmation page into the "Barcode Number" field, and then click "Submit." You will need to have your 10-digit barcode number to check the status of your visa online. 
  4. Select an available appointment date from the calendar.
  1. Select a preferred time for your appointment, and then enter your Surname, Given Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, and Identification Code.
  2. Verify that all the information entered is correct, and then click "Submit."
  3. Print TWO COPIES of  the appointment confirmation page.  Keep one for your records and bring the other one with you to your interview.  You will need to present your confirmation page to security when you arrive at the Embassy.   

Please note that only visa applicants with appointments will be allowed into the Embassy.  Exceptions are made for parents or caregivers who must accompany a minor child, medical or non- medical attendants accompanying an applicant to provide physical or medical assistance, and sponsors who must accompany a personal or domestic employee.  Applicants with disabilities who need special accommodation should contact the consular section to make arrangements prior to coming for their interviews.

Changing or Canceling an Appointment

If you need to cancel or change an appointment at any time, return to the Nonimmigrant Visa Appointment System web site and click on Change/Cancel Appointment. Changes and cancellations must be done via this website; we cannot cancel or change an appointment by phone.  Please do not schedule multiple appointments for the same applicant as this causes unnecessary delays for other applicants.  Multiple appointments are subject to cancellation.

Urgent and Emergency Appointments

Wait times for visa appointments are generally a week or less. Please check the availability of appointments before requesting special scheduling.  If you have an urgent situation (e.g. hospitalization in the U.S. of an immediate relative) or a bona fide medical emergency, please send an email to or leave a telephone message by calling the Embassy at 17-242-700.  Please indicate "Medical Emergency Appointment Request" in the title of your email.